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Founder, Thinker, Dreamer

Syed Atif Ali

Syed Atif Ali

Screenshots Productions was founded by Syed Atif Ali in the year 2016. Before establishing himself as Director and Producer Syed Atif Ali was working as a Senior Editor, Content Manager Special Projects for Geo A&B Entertainment. He has also served as a Content Head on AKS TV. It has been more than 18 years of journey for Syed Atif Ali in Pakistani media industry and in this modest span of time he has managed to pen down more than three dozen of TV Serials, Soaps and Tele films. His first writing debut “ Yehi Khaab Yehi Tamannaein" went on-air on PTV in the year 1999 and his most recent project as a Writer/Director/Producer PARI was released in cinemas all over Pakistan on 2nd February 2018. Among many of his hit TV Serials ‘Kabhi Na Kabhi’ (ARY Digital) , ‘Dharkan’ (ARY Digital), ‘Piya kay ghar jana hai’ (ARY Digital), ‘Betiyaan’ (Hum TV), ‘Khan’ (Geo Entertainment) and Shiza (ARY Digital) are the most prominent.


Title Category Projection
Pari Movie
Mera Saya Drama Play TV
Faraib Drama Play TV
Kaala Dhaga Tele film Hum TV
Adam Tele film Hum TV
Aik Jordi Pazeeb Tele film Hum TV
Mekka (Yeh Betiyan) Drama Express Entertainment

TV Serials (Writer)

Title Category Projection
Khan Drama GEO Entertainment
Faraib Drama Play TV
Anabia Drama ARY Digital
Shiza Drama ARY Digital
Maghrib ki esha Drama Express Entertainment
Yehi Khuab Yehi Tamannain Drama Pakistan Television
Aitebar Drama Pakistan Television
Kabhi Na Kabhi Drama ARY Digital
Dharkan Drama ARY Digital
Piya Kay Ghar Jana Hai Drama ARY Digital
Thuri se Dillagi (Kabhi na Kabhi Session 02) Drama ARY Digital
Kabhi Na Hon Hum Juda Drama ARY Digital
Khabi Aye na Judai Drama A TV
Tumharry Baad Drama A TV
Khoi Khoi Si Drama A TV
Betiyan Drama Hum TV
Ahsaas Drama Indus Vision

SOAP (Writer)

Title Category Projection
Aashna 160 Episodes GEO Entertainment
Piyasi 65 Episodes Hum TV
Sazish 40 Episodes AAJ TV
We Are Family 106 Episodes Express Entertainment

SITCOMS (Writer)

Title Category Projection
We Are Family Sitcom Pakistan Television
Na Na Karrty Da Da Sitcom TV One

Tele Films

Title Category Projection
Mekka (Yeh Betiyan) Tele Film Express Entertainment
05:35 PM (The Dark Side of the City) Tele Film Express Entertainment
Haseen Urat Tele Film Express Entertainment
Eid ka Jora (Pyar Kahani Eid Special) Tele Film GEO Entertainment
Behtar Anjaam (Pyar Kahani) Tele Film GEO Entertainment
Ander Wasiya Yaar (Pyar Kahani) Tele Film GEO Entertainment
Erose (Pyar Kahani) Tele Film GEO Entertainment
Platform (Aik Kahani) Tele Film Hum TV
Adam (Aik Kahani) Tele Film Hum TV
APPA Tele Film Hum TV
Mera Ashiana (14th August Special Play) Tele Film Hum TV
Safir-e-Ishq (First Ever Muhram Play) Tele Film Hum TV
Wujood (Art Play) Tele Film Indus Vision
Nominate for New York Film Festival
Intezar (Mysteries) Tele Film Indus Vision
Wahan Koi Hai (Mysteries) Tele Film Indus Vision
The Sign (Mysteries) Tele Film Indus Vision
Cheekh (Mysteries) Tele Film Indus Vision
Masoom (Mysteries) Tele Film Indus Vision
Aik Love Story (Eid Special Play) Tele Film ARY Digital
Gorken Tele Film ARY Digital
Piyar Karty Rehna Tele Film ARY Digital
Barson Baad Tele Film ARY Digital
TEXI Tele Film ARY Digital

Social Series

Title Category Projection
Kangan Se Hathkari Tak Social Series AAJ TV